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Want innovative fashion that sacrifices nothing to style, which combines art, upcycling and poetry?

Our pieces are strongly imbued with a strong artistic imprint as in ART.

Clash concept offers jewelry and decorative objects that combine style and responsible values.

Clash-concept has built its reputation on upcycled spectacle lenses and other accessories, chosen for their shape and materials.

Some of our “upcycling” creations

It is a new way of producing and consuming, with a certain sensitivity to the environment. This approach consists of using objects and materials intended to be thrown away to reintroduce them into the consumption chain, after having given them value, a new use, an original destination compared to that which was originally theirs.

The shapes and materials used for upcycling do not undergo major transformations, they are not deconstructed or destroyed but reused as is to create new products.

Towards a fashion...timeless!

Clash-concept is committed to “timeless” fashion, each piece is an ode to art and poetry.

Clash concept does not seek to adhere to the dictates of fashion: we create pieces that stand out from time and trends, that is to say, each piece is original, innovative, poetic with a touch of humor!

Thanks to the transformation of old or new glasses into new original jewelry creations, Clash-concept becomes the most original jewelry brand in the world. Transcendent pieces, never before seen, are born in our workshop…

We love doing something new with something vintage too! it’s a clash! upcycling.

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