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It was during a professional experience with a trendy New York optician that the idea of creating beauty from existing shapes and materials was born. Mehdi Kasraoui, the founder of Clash concept, imagined a necklace composed of of spectacle lenses linked together by rings of pure metal.
It’s a real cultural clash, a break in fashion habits.


Based on the success of this unique creation and a totally innovative concept, a first collection of unique jewelry and accessories is being built. The Clash concept brand was born.

2023 represents a new breakthrough: the fusion of Clash-concept with art in different forms. Inspired by various artistic movements – classic, modern or contemporary – Mehdi Kasraoui transcends upcycled materials into wearable works of art.

First influenced by the Dadaist movement of Marcel Duchamp and his Ready-Made, but also by Pop Art and surrealism, Clash-concept also looks at Persian frescoes whose brand highlights all the refinement on its supports in glass. Hand-painted by artists and craftsmen, the spectacle lenses then become real miniature paintings.


Clash-concept revisits the spirit of the Enlightenment in the 21st century.

Visionary, the brand transcends objects to give them a second life imbued with poetry and colors, derision as much as cheerfulness, elegance and exclusivity. By definition, each piece signed Clash-concept is unique.

Made from materials and shapes recovered over time, the jewel passes through the hands of painters, who express their talent on the spectacle lenses. Whether they are reproductions of iconic works or new creations, the result remains unique and iconic.

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