It was only recently that designers started to make art. This is the emergence of “artist-creator-authors”, whose mission is to make decorative and functional art, grafting symbolic value and artistic expression on each piece. Clash is therefore part of this new wake.



CLASH creates design-art: that is, pieces that bring additional emotions and dreams. Often our creations have a symbolic, metaphorical value, which embody a surge of novelty and modernity, a bit iconoclastic.


Art and the expression of nature are our essential inspirations. Design has entered art. Some of our pieces copy the truth by drawing inspiration from nature, an inexhaustible source of creations: ART being at the center of our concerns, at the stage of creation. Other pieces, on the contrary, are the expression of chaos, of revolution to set itself apart from fashion.

We like to create ART with a functional dimension: our lights are the perfect illustration of this; Or “WEARABLE-ART” like our collections of costume jewelry.

In any case, poetry miraculously inhabits our rooms, whether they are decorative or functional.